Nobody likes a smelly suit!  Which is why I am providing several tips for you below to help maintain a fabulous looking fursuit.

Basic Care

Brushing: It's always a good idea to brush your fursuit before and after use. This will keep the suit from matting. A slick brush like this:  is what we recommend when brushing your fursuit. These can be found in the pet section at any major store or pet shop. 


You're going to sweat a bit while wearing. When you've finished suiting, take a spray bottle filled with water and diluted rubbing alcohol and spritz the exterior of your suit, as well as the inside of your fursuit head.  DO NOT USE FEBREEZE /LYSOL/OR OTHER DISINFECTING PRODUCTS. The chemicals within these products will cause the fibers in your suit to deteriorate over time. 


You may hand wash your fursuit parts (excluding the head) in the bath tub (cold water) with laundry detergent.  It is recommended that you spot clean your fursuit heads using the alcohol and water technique listed above. Be careful not to get the eyes wet.


You may put your fursuit parts in the dryer on dry/fluff if your dryer has that setting. NEVER DRY YOUR SUIT IN THE DRYER WITH THE HEAT SETTING ON. This will cause the fibers to melt causing your suit to look extremely matted. You may also hang your suit and let it air dry. I also stick a fan in front of my suit to help speed the process.  Check back on it occasionally and brush it out so that the fur stays soft.

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