Below is a guideline on how to prepare yourself for a fursuit quote, and what to do after you have received one!

- Should I commission a partial or a fullsuit?
 If you are new to the world of fursuits, then I would recommend a partial. Not only are they less expensive, but they are easier to wear for longer periods of time. 
If you have fursuit experience, then it all comes down to personal preference. 

- What do I need to do to get a quote?
Ready to submit a quote to LLM?  You'll need to fill out a quote form found on the top bar of main page.   Please be sure to provide a visual reference of your character. Written descriptions will not be accepted. Also be sure that the reference you provide shows a minimum of (2) angles of your character, and that all details are given.  Please don't provide many separate pictures of your characters, or shaded reference sheets.

-I have received a quote from LLM, what do I do next?
So you have made the decision to commission LLM for a fursuit and are unsure what to do next.  
After we have discussed a payment plan, and you have sent in the 40% down payment to reserve your spot in my queue, I will need you to mail a duct tape dummy (fullsuits/halfsuits), a pair of NEW tennis shoes or crocs, and an outline of your hand to me. I will not take measurements only, you must send a duct tape cast and hand outline.If you are unsure of how to make a DTD, here is a great tutorial provided by MordrudesMonsters on FA:

- How long will it take to finish my fursuit?
This all depends on how quickly the fursuit is paid off, as well as how large the project is. I will buy your materials as soon as your deposit is received, and your will be placed on my public queue as soon as your suit is paid in full. The current wait time for new commissions that have been paid off is between 6-9 months. 

- I commissioned a head or partial from you, can I come back and commission a body suit?
Of course! Anyone who has commissioned me in the past is always welcome to come back and commission an upgrade! At this time, I am only taking part commissions as upgrades to current or past clients who want to upgrade their fursuits. I do not actively take small parts commissions.

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