FURSUIT HEAD REFURBish           terms of service

Fursuit head refurbishments are taken in by a case by case basis. Fursuit heads must have a foam base in order to be worked on. Resin bases may be considered in the future. I will not be able to fully tell, until the head is in my possession, if I will be able to work on it, however, it is very rare that I can not. 

Before you ship your head to me, a deposit of $150 is required for materials. Once the the head is received, I will give my "diagnosis" and determine if the head is able to be worked on, and roughly how much work is needed. 

Once I begin work on your head, you will be charged by the hour. The final cost will not be given until the project is completed. 

Price will be a minimum of $200, and will go up depending on the work that is needed. 

All payments under $600 must be paid in full, and will not be asked for until the head is completed. I will allow projects exceeding $600 to be paid with two short payments if needed, but will be given one month to pay in full. 

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Shipping back to you will be calculated after the project is finished and will not be included in the cost of labor. Extra insurance will only be added upon request of customer. Clients within the USA will have their packages shipped via UPS. Over seas customers have the option of USPS or UPS. I am not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. 

In the rare case that I am unable to work on a refurbishment, you will be refunded your deposit, minus the cost of shipping. 

Due to risk of mold/mildew, I will not work on heads if they exceed 5 years of age. I may make exceptions if the head has been lightly worn and properly taken care of.

I will not work on heads if they have been soiled with body fluids. Please be sure they are clean before shipment!

These projects will be worked on in between commissions. I do my best to get them completed and shipped as soon as possible! If you have a deadline, depending on how close it is, you may be charged a rush order fee ranging from a 20%-50% additional fee. 

If you are needing new lining to your head, this will come at an additional cost of $25. This is not included in a normal refurbishment, and will be tagged on separately.

Refurbishment projects will not be added to my trello queue. If you have telegram, or are on social media (facebook, twitter,instagram), I will send progress photos through there.

Please, be very reasonable when asking for updates. Again, these will be worked on in between commissions. I send photos of each stage as I go along. If I feel you are being unreasonable with your messages, I reserve the right to cancel your commission. I also reserve the right to charge for the work I've done, and return your head to you unfinished. 

If the head needs to be near or completely redone, I will decline the project. I am always open for new fursuit head commissions and take payment plans!

Please be sure you've read and understood this TOS before submitting your form. Ignorance to the terms does not exclude you from them.

You must be 18 years or older for this project, or have parental permission. I will ask for ID!

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