Dont want to pay all at once? No trouble! LLM offers weekly, bi weekly, or monthly payment options!




Fursuit Head-$1100+

  • Comfortable lining

  • Flat 2D eyes or  3D eyes at an additional cost

  • Hollow muzzle

  • Great vision

Delux Hair Fursuit Head-  $1400+

-This  option features  custom hair that is installed and styled. Perfect  for those who are interested in adding something unique to their character!

Mini Partial (Head, Hands, Tail)-  $1700+
Partial Fursuit- $1900+ (without arm sleeves)
$2100+    (with arm sleeves)

All fursuit  heads can be made glasses friendly for an additional fee! This will feature a zipper in the back of the head  to make the application easier!  Please note that zippers will not be added to heads with delux hair, and will instead feature a larger neck opening!


Plantigrade Fullsuit-$3500+

  • Plantigrade Bodysuit

  • Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws

  • Lined Head

  • Detachable or sewn in tail


Digitigrade Fullsuit-  $4000+

  • Digitigrade bodysuit

  • Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws

  • Lined Head

  • Sewn in padding with zippers


Digitigrade Halfsuit- $3500+

  • Digitigrade halfsuit with elastic  shoulder straps

  • Head, Hands, arm sleeves, Feet, sewn in tail


Torso Halfsuit-  $2800+

  • Bodysuit with  zipper that can be placed on the front or back. The bodysuit ends at around the hip area

  • Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws, Tail, and torso bodysuit included with this option!

  • This option is perfect for those who like to accesorise their fursuits, or  who over heat easy!


Plantigrade Halfsuit- $2700+

  • Includes Head, Armsleeves, Leg sleeves, Feetpaws, Handpaws, and tail

  • This  option is perfect for those who like to accessorize their fursuits, or overheat easily!

Other Fursuit Options

*Please note* Do not currently accept parts only commissions. These options are here for if you are commissioning a fursuit and are curious about pricing, want to add on more parts to your current order, or have commissioned me in the past and would like to add to your fursuit!

Tails- $100+

4 Fingered Hand Paws- $200+

5 Fingered Hand Paws- $200+

Puffy Paws- $300+

Outdoor Feetpaws- $300+

Indoor Feetpaws- $400+

Arm Sleeves- $150+

Leg Sleeves- $200+

*Prices may based on complexity of character (number of colors, makrings, horns, wings, etc)