Dont want to pay all at once? No trouble! LLM offers weekly, bi weekly, or monthly payment options!



Fursuit Head-Starts at $900

  • Comfortable lining

  • Flat 2D eyes or  3D eyes at an additional cost

  • Hollow muzzle

  • Great vision

Delux Hair Fursuit Head- Starts at $1200

-This  option features  custom hair that is installed and styled. Perfect  for those who are interested in adding something unique to their character!

Partial Fursuit- Starts at $1600 (without arm sleeves) $1800  (with arm sleeves)

  • Head , Handpaws, Feetpaws, Tail (optional arm sleeves)

Plantigrade Fullsuit-Starts at $2800

  • Plantigrade Bodysuit

  • Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws

  • Lined Head

  • Detachable or sewn in tail

Digitigrade Fullsuit-   starts at  $3300

  • Digitigrade bodysuit

  • Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws

  • Lined Head

  • Sewn in padding with zippers

Digitigrade Halfsuit- Starts at $3000

  • Digitigrade halfsuit with elastic  shoulder straps

  • Head, Hands, arm sleeves, Feet, sewn in tail

Other Fursuit Options

Tails- $100+

4 Fingered Hand Paws- $120+

5 Fingered Hand Paws- $150+

Puffy Paws- $250+

Outdoor Feetpaws- $250+

Indoor Feetpaws- $350+

Arm Sleeves- $150+

Leg Sleeves- $200+

*Prices may based on complexity of character (number of colors, makrings, horns, wings, etc)

All fursuit  heads can be made glasses friendly for an additional fee! This will feature a zipper in the back of the head  to make the application easier!  Please note that zippers will not be added to heads with delux hair, and will instead feature a larger neck opening!

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